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What is the Accelerator Programme?

The Accelerator Schools Programme is tailor-made for secondary school students. This off-campus development program spans four days and covers essential areas such as communication, goal setting, time management, mock interviews, CV writing, site visits to key employers, and even barista training. 

Who can take part in the Accelerator Programme?

Secondary school students with physical and neuro-diverse disabilities are invited to take in the Accelerator Programme. The programme can cater for up to 20 students per school. 

What are the asks of schools who participate?

As a participating school, your responsibilities include:

1. Selecting Students: It's essential to select students who will benefit from and contribute positively to the SeeMySkills Accelerator Programme. We trust your judgment in choosing participants who will thrive in this inclusive environment.

2. Insurance: Your school should provide appropriate insurance coverage to ensure the safety and well-being of the students during the programme. 

3. Transport: Please make the necessary transportation arrangements to ensure students can attend the programme. If any assistance is required, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

4. Engagement with Parents: Keeping parents informed and engaged in the programme is crucial. We encourage you to communicate with parents to ensure their support and participation in their child's SeeMySkills journey.

5. Provision of SNA: Your school is responsible for assigning at least one SNA to support students with disabilities throughout the duration of the program (4 days).

6. Provide Refreshments: Your school should arrange for refreshments, including water, tea, coffee, lunch, and cakes, to be available during the program days. Please ensure that dietary restrictions and preferences are considered.

7. Volunteers (x2): We kindly request that your school provide two volunteers to assist with refreshments and other miscellaneous tasks during the programme. Their help will greatly contribute to the success of the event. 

8. Name Tags for Pupils: Creating name tags for students will help in building a welcoming and inclusive environment during the programme. 

9. Cost of Barista Training (€500.00): We understand that this cost may be a concern. If your school finds this cost prohibitive, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to working with you to find a suitable solution. 

Is there a cost associated with taking part in the Accelerator Programme?

There is a cost of €500 to cover the barista programme. There may also be costs associated with travel and refreshments. If your school finds this cost prohibitive, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to working with you to find a suitable solution.

How can my school get involved with the Accelerator Programme?

Your school can get involved by reaching out to SeeMySkills at info@seemyskills.org. 

What is the Empowered Programme?

The Empowered Programme is designed to empower adults with disabilities, who went through mainstream education, to nurture ambition and achieve their true potential. This programme showcases unique abilities and helps individuals find meaningful employment opportunities. 

How can I find out more information about the Empowered Programme?

You can find out more information about the Empowered Programme by emailing info@seemyskills.org. 

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