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At See My Skills, we are unwavering in our dedication to building a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has an equal chance to thrive professionally.

At See My Skills, we collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders to achieve our mission:

  1. Students with Disabilities: We work closely with secondary school students, providing them with the necessary skills and guidance to navigate the workforce confidently. We empower them to envision a future where they can thrive independently, irrespective of any challenges they may encounter. Our programmes help them discover their strengths and talents to secure meaningful employment opportunities.
  2. Schools and Educational Institutions: Our partnerships with schools and educational institutions are instrumental in implementing the Accelerator Program and fostering a culture of inclusivity in the education system. We have collaborated with UCC, MTU and Cork College of FET.
  3. Employers: We engage with employers to raise awareness about diversity and the value of an inclusive workforce. By bridging the understanding gap, we aim to create more opportunities for neuro-diverse individuals in the job market.
  4. Advocacy Groups and Policymakers: See My Skills actively advocates for policy changes both in Ireland and on an international scale. By working closely with advocacy groups and policymakers, we strive to create a more inclusive environment for all individuals in the workforce.

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